A practical support for the guitar

UBI is a unique product. A practical support for the guitar when worn with a shoulder strap or possibly around the waist, it promotes postural well-being and ensures the musician achieves his or her maximum potential in terms of artistic and technical expression.

Generally speaking, with the "UBI" support, the guitar is stable, but can follow every interpretative movement made by the guitarist. The musician’s fingers benefit from total freedom of movement because the cervical muscles relax and the weight is unloaded towards the elbows, two factors that favour a measured use of force, since the joints are perfectly loose.
< Last but not least, UBI is aesthetically unobtrusive, easy to handle and in harmony with the instrument.

In addition to the elastic model, we can meet custom requests for more luxurious versions, handcrafted in wood as one-offs and made to order. The “lutherie” version is made of cedar wood to the measurements of your own guitar. (To be agreed privately by email).

UBI can be used in various ways:

UBI Posizione in piedi a tracolla

Standing position with shoulder strap

For this position, a suction pad is added to the shoulder strap to keep the guitar stable and at the desired angle.

UBI Posizione in piedi a tracolla

Seated position with shoulder strap

UBI rests ideally on the guitarist's legs and ensures balance, with the shoulder strap promoting stability. With UBI, the musician’s posture is balanced and symmetrical. In addition to the postural advantages that ensure stability and freedom of movement for the guitarist, the shoulder strap position also feels comfortable and natural.

UBI Posizione in piedi a tracolla

Waist belt

This posture is ideal for long periods of study. Simply shorten the belt to favour the stability of the instrument, and the correct posture of the lumbar region. The waist belt posture provides optimal support for the lumbar muscles and is particularly suitable for long periods of study.

With all three positions, the posture required aims to achieve for the best physical balance, without twists and tension that could limit the fluency of movements.
Not having to exert force to hold the instrument allows you to concentrate your energies on the technical and interpretative aspects of your performance.

Practical tips

As mentioned above, the guitar with UBI can assume different positions. Its pliability allows the musician to adjust the degree of inclination of the instrument. The practical suction pad on the shoulder strap can be placed at different positions on the strap under the guitar. Once the desired angle has been found, one of the adhesive plastic circles designed to protecting the paintwork of the guitar can be applied and the suction pad attached.

For the seated position with shoulder strap, the suction pad may provide more stability, but it may also not be necessary as the UBI rests on the guitarist's legs, already providing excellent stability.

For the standing position, on the other hand, the suction pad is necessary, providing stability and freedom of movement. When the suction pad is placed on the straps, it is compressed by the activity of the shoulder strap, thus guaranteeing stability and adherence. All you have to do is place the guitar on UBI and find the angle at which you want to hold the instrument, then secure it with the suction pad.

For the seated and waist belt position, the strap should be shortened as required. We recommend first placing UBI on your legs and then closing the buckle.

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