UBI is a swiss company inspired by an idea of Carlo Frigerio

Carlo Frigerio, a classical guitarist who has worked as a concert performer, teacher and promoter of the classical guitar for more than 35 years. It began as a response to a need of his own, and of many other guitarists, to be able to embrace the guitar as the artistic dimension requires, overcoming the risk of instrument instability.

The UBI product was a turning point, offering the solution to this problem and the company is dedicated to producing and selling this innovative, revolutionary product. After several years of research and development, we are now presenting the definitive version of the product, with different variants available to cater for the required situations.

UBI is a Swiss product designed and manufactured in Ticino. Each piece bears the “UBI” logo and the Swiss Made mark.

Produced by UBI Frigerio Sagl. Design by Carlo Frigerio.
The elastic support is made by Borflex Rex SA, Mendrisio. Assembly and finishing by UBI Frigerio Sagl, Riva San Vitale.
Logo designed by Jacopo Frigerio